When we carry out a repair, we do not make any structural changes. All the wear-prone items are replaced with either high quality parts or restored parts.

We use only special tools and equipment which prevent the mechanical damage of the seal housing and of the steering unit body bearings so the repaired steering system is comparable to a new one and can work faultlessly for many years.



We offer six (6) months unlimited mileage warranty. The warranty card is the proof of this warranty. Warranty does not cover the steering rod protection caps and the running gear items installed during the repair process.


The warranty does not cover the service if:

  1. There is a mechanical damage of connections (threaded joints, sleeve yokes, brackets), distortions of the elements, chips etc.
  2. The steering rod protection caps are depressurized because of trapped water, sand and dirt.
  3. There is shaft corrosion.
  4. Specific issues such as:
    • you use a wrong type of hydraulic fluid;
    • you use hydraulic fluid contaminated with sand and grit because improper servicing or maintenance;
    • you fail to change the hydraulic fluid within the recommended time.
  5. There is a damage of the units connected to the steering rack (rods, rod ends, drive shafts etc).
  6. The failures are caused by a third party or an environmental issue (flood, fire etc).



When the customer buys or receives the unit after repair he should carefully inspect it for the visible mechanical damage, sleeve yoke defects and also check if the steering shaft surface is clean. When the warranty period expires, scheduled maintenance checks and service are strongly recommended.


Important to know:

The most frequent reason for a steering failure is shaft corrosion. This happens because of the depressurization of the steering rod protection caps and water entrapment is often a result. As the operating temperature of the steering unit is within a range of between 50-110°C, the shaft’s surface can undergo corrosion quite soon after you start using the car - even as soon as 10 days!.

Avoid front axle damage: for example, if the front wheel bumps against a curb then this can cause steering unit damage (horizontal shaft deformation).

Avoid using the steering unit if there is a pressure drop in the steering pump. This will inevitably cause damage.


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